Laith Zraikat

Venture Partner 

Laith founded his first startup in 1997 to bring more people and businesses in Jordan onto the World Wide Web. Three years later that pivoted into what became one of the most notable startups in the Arab World; As Co-founder of Jeeran from 2000, Laith served many roles while shaping and executing the company’s product vision, and growing its user base from a handful of friends to nearly 7M users. As Jeeran matured, he decided to leave in 2012 and pursue his true passion, working with startups. Since then he has advised and mentored many startups in product and technical areas. A self-taught technologist and a geek at heart, Laith enjoys working closely with passionate developers and designers on new and bold ideas. He still codes almost daily, and speaks fluent Arabic, English, Objective-C, PHP, C#, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, HTML, and a little bit of Python. Laith holds a Bachelor of Dental Surgery from the University of Jordan.

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