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Location: Egypt

Building the largest B2B FMCG trade platform in Egypt and Africa

Fatura is a technology platform revolutionizing the FMCG industry in Egypt & Africa. Our startup was first established in 2019 leading the way to become the 1st application serving the full FMCG traditional trade cycle.

Fatura tackles key pain points in the traditional FMCG cycle offering a digital platform through which FMCG manufacturers and wholesalers can connect directly to retailers in an easier and faster way.

In addition to digitizing the ordering experience, Fatura improves the working capital for retailers by enabling on-credit purchasing. We leverage our wealth of data and advanced AI models to instantly assess the creditworthiness of each retailer on our network.

Gaining significant traction in Cairo and Giza, Fatura is on its way to becoming the leading technology platform in the FMCG industry across Egypt & Africa.

In June 2022, Tanmeyah for Microfinance Services, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EFG Hermes Holding and Egypt’s leading provider of microfinance solutions, has announced that it has successfully acquired Fatura.


Hossam Ali

Co-founder & CEO

Ahmed Anwar

Co-founder & COO

Abdallah Moheb El-Din

Co-founder & CTO


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